The Best of Motorsports

Spectators admire the skill, how drivers push to the limit and overcome fear as they meander through the corners. Take for instance the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps. This racing track has a high-speed dangerous corner called the Masta Kink, and with extreme weather, it is more difficult to make those turns.

Another feature is the La Source hairpin, which starts with barreling down of cars that leads them straight to an uphill followed by a navigating left-right-left combo at top speed. Considering the weather, uphill gradient, top speeding and the blind summit of the corner, drivers use more of their instinct than visual clues to get through. Such is the kind of excitement that spectators love.The Laguna Seca also offers one of the best motor racing experiences in the US. What makes this track special is the Corkscrew, which starts from the Rahal Straight where most cars pick up speed before approaching an uphill then aiming for the apex of a blind corner. If a driver breaks too late, he ends up in the gravel pits and if he misses the apex, he runs wide and messes up his run to the Rainey Curve. The curve leads to a right-hander that demands an excellent throttle control. This kind of elevation satisfies the spectators and makes Laguna Seca one of the best motorsports in the US.