What is a track day?

A track day is something that involves members of the general public being allowed to utilise a racing circuit’s facilities. Though, in some cases, this can be an area such as an unused airfield rather than a track.

What A Track Day EntailsThough actual racing is, in most cases, not allowed, the public can drive on a particular circuit with a roadworthy vehicle at maximum speeds. Typically, the vehicles concerned will be a car or motorcycle. Requirements for using a circuit can include having a driving licence for the relevant vehicle, while a racing licence can be necessary in some cases. Increasingly, too, hire vehicles are available at circuits for the public to use. In terms of prices, some circuits will offer discounts when an individual re-books on the day they use the circuit.Track day events will be organised in a way so that novices and experienced drivers are not in the same group, and on the track together at the same time. Consequently, beginners will be expected to travel at a slower pace than more experienced drivers.A Chance To Improve Driving SkillsThere is also the chance to improve racing skills at a track day, with the opportunity to learn from former racing drivers. Technical advice, and help with setting up a vehicle with new tyres or suspension can also often be done at a track day. Another positive from a track day is that a driver, through improving their driving skills on a circuit, can learn to be secure when taking their vehicle on a public road.Open-Pit Lane EventsThough more expensive than a basic track day, an open-pit lane event is suitable for more experienced drivers – and it will offer drivers greater access to the circuit. There will usually be less people attending an open-pit lane event than is the case with a typical track day.