Cruise into the Future

While in the past they were simply a way of getting from point A to point B, cars have now become much, much more than that. Technology has pervaded into the realm of the automobile. And the result? Loads of swanky features for the driver and passengers to make the most of during those long family road trips or that daily commute in rush hour madness.

Cars are different things to different people, and though some are not interested in having a top of the range car, with the most up-to-date features installed, some drivers are. Some of the best features in modern cars are:

  • Technology which assesses your driving and gives you a driver score which can lower your car insurance (2017 Buick LaCrosse)
  • An application which lets you fold seats automatically (2017 Land Rover Discovery)
  • A “Driver Attention Monitor” which basically can tell if the driver is falling asleep at the wheel (2017 Honda CR-V)
  • Sensors which realise when the traffic light turns greens by communicating with city infrastructure (2017 Audi Q7)
  • Locking the car through a voice command (2017 Genesis G90)

Most modern cars also boast internet connectivity, and some are even on data plans and can be turned into Wi-Fi hotspots. Having internet on board is super helpful because it means instant connection to applications like maps and restaurant rating sites when you are on the lookout for something, but it can also link you to online games when you are stuck in that rush hour traffic – if you are a passenger of course! These modern technological extras do not need to break the bank, but they allow passengers to keep themselves entertained by playing online games from the comfort of their own car. We have come a long way from I-Spy, haven’t we!