How To Design A Race Car

Deciding to build a race car is an experience that will surely enrich any car enthusiast’s life. It is important to gather as much information as possible and to spend time designing the finalised vehicle. When designing a race car there are four key components that are intertwined with each other, for example; the decisions about what chassis to use will impact on the suspension that is decided upon and visa versa.The key components are listed below with an insight into what may be required in the designing of each. Remember that the designs will need to be fluid and that there will be a lot of estimation as paper designs can need some tweaking when actually put into practice.

  1. Wheels and TyresAll the power that will be created will need to be put down onto the tarmac, so circumference, grip, weight and fitment are all vital when choosing the wheels and tyres.
  2. SuspensionIt’s all about the bounce; where to mount it, what style of ride is required and how the suspension that is choosen will affect the aerodynamics of the race car.
  3. ProtectionAnti-roll bar, crumple zones and reinforced panels will all be key to ensuring that the driver walks away from any possible collision.
  4. EngineThis is the really fun part. The designer will need to decide on their desired torque and top speed to give a good basis for the design. From then on they will need to consider placement, cooling, exhaust placement and the weight of the engine.
  5. ChassisThis is the strength and structure of the race car and it needs to protect the driver in the event of a crash. The weight needs to be distributed evenly. How and where the other components will attach to it will also need to be considered.
  6. BodyThis needs to be aerodynamic, light and adhere to the rules of the competition that will be entered. After these important points, it really is down to personal preference.

So, there it is; the basics of designing a race car. For more detailed information, hints and design ideas, can check out the following website; designing!